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Dollars to Donuts
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Dollars to Donuts

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Dollars to Donuts is a puzzly, tile-laying game of donut deliciousness! Created by Flatout Games and beautifully by Dylan Mangini, this light strategy game is perfect for the entire family.

Manage your own donut shop and bake a beautiful collection of tasty treats in this easy-to-learn pattern-matching, resource management, set collection game that defies all borders!

Unlike most tile layers, Dollars to Donuts lets you work outside the lines. Any Donut tile can be laid in any orientation and even hang off the edges of your player mat! Points are scored for perfectly matched donuts, but even mismatches help because they earn you Dollar tiles you can spend to buy new Donut tiles on future turns.

Dollar tiles are drawn from a bag, and can include special bonuses like donut holes, which fill in gaps on your player mat.

Keep an eye on the balance between your dollars and your donuts! Will you buy less expensive tiles and make the best with what you have, or spend more to get tiles that perfectly match (and mismatch) your evolving strategy? Every turn is a little puzzle all on its own.

Many eager customers are out and about, looking for just the right selection of donuts. Match the right ones to satisfy their particular cravings, and you’ll score even higher points!

Points also come from your customers’ neighborhoods, so try to satisfy them in sets if you can. Focus on one neighborhood, customers from all neighborhoods, or both!

Dollars to Donuts plays for about 30 minutes and ends when a player successfully fills their display. Finish the round and add points from matched donuts, satisfied customers, and neighborhood bonuses. Subtract 1 point for each empty spot on your mat. The highest score wins with the most popular shop in town!

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