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Dragon Keepers: Deluxe Edition
Due Quarter 3 2024 (Preorder Now)

Dragon Keepers: Deluxe Edition

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In this fantasy universe, each player is the chief of a tribe of dragon keepers, defending the dragons from attacks by the evil hunter. The hunter wants to see those cute dragons dead, but must get past the dragon keepers. The keepers belong to different tribes but together they have the common goal of protecting the dragons. The keepers use magic in their duels with the evil hunter.

Dragon Keepers was designed by Vital Lacerda and his youngest daughter, Catarina. Says Vital, "She is the one who knows a lot about dragons and I could have never been able to do this design without her." Dragon Keepers has two different games in the box:

KEEPER GAME: 3–6 players | 10–15 minutes | ages 6+
In this competitive mode, the hunter rolls dice to attack the dragons and the players choose which of the attacked dragons they want to defend. The game ends when one player manages to heroically defend three different dragons or if one dragon gets three hits. The winner is the player with more successful defenses.

DRAGON GAME: 2–4 players | 20–40 minutes | ages 9+
In this cooperative mode, the keepers work together to defend and train the dragons so that they attack the hunter. Players can take four different actions: Defend, Cure, Train and Attack. Those actions are limited and they need to cooperate and organized as a group to manage to stop the hunter's attacks during the game. The players lose if a dragon is killed by the hunter, or if the battle event deck runs out. The players win if X dragons (where X is determined by the difficulty level) manage to successfully attack the hunter.

Deluxe edition upgrades:
- Unique Kickstarter game box - includes a matte exterior finish with spot UV logos and a full-color quality box insert
- All Action tokens upgrade to printed 25 mm wood discs
- All Arrow tokens upgrade to custom wood tokens
- All Flame tokens upgrade to custom wood tokens
- All Shield tokens upgrade to custom wood tokens
- A high quality printed blue felt dice bag

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