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Fluffy Frontier
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Fluffy Frontier

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Outsmart each other's plans, while exploring Halley's comet as undercover animals. 

2-4 Players  |  30-60 Mins  |  Ages 8+

Features: Action Queue, Programmed Movement, Set Collection, Trading, Variable Player Powers

Theme: Animals, Science Fiction, Space Exploration


The animals on Earth are not what they seem. Actually they are different alien types, secretly running the space agencies right under the humans’ noses. In Fluffy Frontier you play as these animals, going on what officially appears to be a man made space mission to Halley’s comet in 2061, looking for life and gathering samples for the humans’ tests. You have collaboratively traveled to the comet in a spaceship that is now parked in close orbit above it.

But there is more. You need to keep the great secret secret, not letting the humans realize that the Petsonauts are actually in charge of it all. While that charade is going on you’re trying to reach your own secret mission of retrieving certain alien supplies that your fellow aliens have sent to you using the interstellar transport system that comets actually are. Plan your strategy to find the needed supplies, smuggle these back to the ship, trade your finds with fellow animals, complete the necessary lab experiments, hurriedly competing to reach your goals before anyone else in the fluffy crew. And do it quickly, because the comet is heating up as it gets closer to the sun, increasingly releasing gas into space until it becomes impossible to operate on the surface. You have 5 weeks, make the best of it. May the fluff be with you!

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