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Gaia Project The Lost Fleet (expansion)
Due October 2024 (Pre Order)

Gaia Project The Lost Fleet (expansion)

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  • There will be four new factions: Darkanians, Mowyed, Space Giants, Tinkeroids, corresponding to 2 new planet types: proto planets and asteroids
  • The new layout of the map will feature holes where the ships of the lost fleet and some new planet types will be placed
  • There will be new smaller sector tiles (edge sectors)
  • Ships of the lost fleet allow access to new action spaces and technolgies to be found on the new board, aswell as special federation tokens and artifacts, no standard Q.I.C. actions anymore, Q.I.C. actions only available on ships
  • 6 new adv. techs
  • 4 new roundboosters
  • 3 new round scorings
  • Some faction balancing (start resources, income, additional actions or different costs to explore a ship)
  • Lantids get cover up tiles for their PI (1-3 player)

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