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A stunning artistic work does not spring into being, but takes shape piece by piece…

Players take the roles of craftspeople who specialize in the art of Intarsia, a delicate and elaborate form ofwoodworking that results in beautiful parquet flooring.

You have all been asked to redesign the stunning floor at the reknowned Café de Paris, embellishing it with stylish intarsias. However, this is a contest: you must prove that you are more skilled at your craft than your competitors.

Intarsia is a game of careful choices. As an artisan, your work will be defined by the materials you collect, the wood you purchase and add to your personal floor board, and your ability to score achievements as you gently settle each interlocking element into place. By claiming a tool tile each time you satisfy its particular requirements of wood colors and arrangement, you gain expertise and accumulate ever larger scoring multipliers.

After three rounds, the player with the most points will claim victory and secure their legacy with the contract to renovate the intricate floors at Café de Paris. Explore your creativity with Intarsia!

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