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Marvel Infinity Saga Capture

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2-5 Players  |  20-30 Mins  |  Ages 8+


Each player receives 8 cards and proceeds to play actions on their turn

  • Basic Set collection: play pairs of the same colour to capture a stone from the board, or 3 of the same colour to try and steal from another player!
  • Battle each other for supremacy: Use formidable Marvel Villains to sabotage other players and deploy iconic Heroes to defend against these attacks
  • Significant strategic autonomy: Play as many actions as you want per turn; when you’ve completed your chosen actions, discard and replace as many cards as you wish, replenishing back to 8 cards


  • Easy to pick up and play: simple rules sheet on a double-sided A4 sheet
  • Channel your inner Avenger or villain by collecting precious Infinity Stones
  • Games are highly variable: big lead swings and momentum changes keep all players engaged for the full duration; strong variability also adds to replayability
  • Simply strategic: planning your moves and next turn is critical to consistently winning
  • Strong interactivity & banter: especially when villains are unleashed on unsuspecting players

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