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Nucleum Court of Progress
Due October 2024 (Pre Order)

Nucleum Court of Progress

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As the 19th century draws to a close, the monarchies of Europe struggle to stay relevant in this rapidly changing age. Whether it’s the court of King Frederik in Saxony or the court of the aging Queen Victoria of the British Empire trying to maintain rule over the faraway riches of Australia, they must all contend with the rising political forces clamoring to secure their piece of the pie in the nuclear revolution. As ideologies clash in parliaments, entrepreneurs like yourself must do their best to make sure they have plenty of friends in the halls of power.

Nucleum: Court of Progress introduces several new concepts and rule changes that can be added to the base game and/or Nucleum: Australia. Via the new Court action players get a chance to send their workers to political parties and even become their leaders to gain various benefits. Joining a Party provides instant rewards and opportunities to earn VP during King's Day Scoring, which is now much more significant. The expansion also adds two new Experiments, new action tiles, contracts, etc.

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