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Step into the shoes of wildlife photographers

1-4 Players  |  45-60 Mins  |  Ages 10+

Features: Line of Sight, Movement Template, Set Collection

Theme: Animals, Environmental, Exploration

By the Designer of COLT EXPRESS!


At the fringes of a wild landscape, nature-loving photographers travel great distances and flex infinite patience to immortalize animals in their natural habitat. In search of harmony, these trailblazers compose sumptuous shots that depict the marvels they encounter during their wanderings.

Redwood is a game of movement estimations and angle of view where players have to take pictures of wild animals to compose the most beautiful panorama. The game is for 1 to 4 players, ages 10+ and the games last about 45-60 min.

During their turn, each player will have to choose between different movements and their angle of view (materialized by real plastic elements) to catch the animals in the picture (without disturbing them).

Collecting animals and decorative elements earn victory points.

During the game, new conditions for earning points will appear.

The game ends after 5 turns and players will be rewarded if they meet certain conditions to earn more points.

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