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Run Run Run!
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Run Run Run!

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You've ventured in an unknown mysterious Egyptian pyramid. As you discover the Ancient Relics of Tutankhanine, you trigger a trap! Your only chance is the stone hallway that disappears in the darkness but angry mummies are waking up to punish those who entered their tomb.

Your objective is clear : prevent mummies from touching the Relics and open a new exit to escape and lift the curse. You have only 5 torches left... Run! Run! RUN!

In Run Run Run!, players cooperate to escape from the pyramid. First they move the mummies using the Mummy dice; then they must decide between 3 actions: Explore (place a new card to extend the hallway and find the mechanisms to open the door), Fight (roll dice to fend off the mummies and block them from getting the relic) or Cooperate (regroup all willing players at the same spot and act stronger together).

The players win if they exit the Pyramid while beating all the mummies (boss included). they players lose if they run out of room cards or if a mummy reaches the Relics.

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