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Small City: Deluxe Edition + Winter Expansion Kickstarter

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This is the new edition of Small City, one of the best city-building game on a 90° grid like in real city!

Build Residences, Commerces, Industries.
Affect a job to your citizens to Produce Raw material, to build Cultural Buildings and develop your city to be re-elected at the end of 8 rounds.
Make Promises to your citizens like good Mayor and develop tourism to opponent players.
But don't forget to take care of the pollution level in order to not ruin your effort...

This new version includes:
- a new revised book of rules
- new illustrations from Kwanchai Moriya!
- new variants that keep the best of the rules of the old edition
- a revised version of the solo game

Winter Expansion 
This is the first expansion for Small City Deluxe Edition:
It includes 8 modules that all fit with the Winter Season...

  • New Wooden Meeples: Doctors, Mayor
  • New Generic Player boards: Mountain boards
  • New Real City boards: 8 Asian Cities
  • New Generic Building tiles
  • New Real Building tiles: Big Ben and the Sydney Opera
  • New Promise Cards
  • New Action Cards
  • a New concept: Supply Power to your city

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