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The Nano9 Games: Railways, City Planner, and Empire Bundle

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All three Nano9Games can be combined to play an entirely new 2 player game called 'Empire Planners'.


Railways is the first game in the "Nano9games" family. With 9 cards, 9 dice, and 9 cubes, you must build a network and connect the buildings to move passengers. You will use cards and icons to perform actions. During each round, play cards to combine icons to perform actions:

  • Build a link
  • Move a passenger
  • Build a building
  • Upgrade an existing link
  • Take money
  • Decrease pollution
  • Add a new passenger

If you play two icons from the same card, you must increase your pollution. Your goal is to make as much profit as possible, and you earn money when you move passengers through links and buildings...

With a second set of cards — and dice and cubes in a different color — you can play Railways with two players.



City Planner is a 9 cards, 9 cubes, 9 dice version of Town Center mixed with Card City and dice. Your Small City is divided into several blocks that contain different boroughs (Residential, Commerce, Industry, Cultural Buildings, City Hall or mixed zoning of Residential and Commerce).

It is a dice game where you decide where to place/block/affect the dice to get the most money/VP.

During the game players will do the following four phases in order: Rolling Dice, Passing a Card, Scoring All Cards, Turn End.

The game ends after 8 rounds.



The aim of Empire is to create a manufacturing empire in 30 years (15 turns) by building factories, producing Capital, Materials, Commodities, and Goods, and earn as much Profit as you can.

Empire is a worker placement game with dice to track workers, raw materials, and a connection twist in the card adjacencies.

You build Factories connected by the railways. They produce Materials, Commodities, Goods and Capital...

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